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What We Do

Build A Talent Strategy That Gives You A Competitive Edge

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Companies with diverse teams are 35% more likely to financially outperform their peers, have better employee retention and outpace their competition. Yet building a high-performing, diverse team requires time, energy, and a whole lot of compassion. Because every team is unique, we take a personalized, consultative approach when building talent acquisition and development strategies for our clients.


Today's leading professionals are seeking companies that align with their values and career goals, and provide clear pathways to leadership. To attract top talent from all backgrounds, we partner with you to assess and design a tailored talent acquisition and/or development strategy that improves the hiring process, cultivates your leadership pipeline, and helps you bring in great talent.


Attracting top talent is just one piece of your strategic growth strategy, investing in the success and retention of these potentials takes time, intentionality and planning. We use our tailored consultative approach to develop custom leadership training workshops or individual coaching programs designed to provide insight and guidance to executives, human resource officers, and/or strengthen the power skills of rising leaders. Course topics include inclusive leadership, leveraging your professional network, influencing others and more.

Talent Acquisition 

Leveraging our connections and network of partners from across the country, our talent acquisition team will identify, interview and present qualified candidates for hiring consideration. We work in tandem with your hiring team to ensure that the overall selection pool remains diverse throughout the screening process.  Once new leaders are placed, we provide an onboarding resource to support their ability to make an impact and set them up for ongoing success in the role.

Business Consultation

“Since we started working with At C Level, we have increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our recruitment exponentially. ”

Dominik Mjartan, CEO of Optus Bank

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